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4 Feb 2010

Simple Future Tense


WILL VS BE GOING TO. Yang Intinnya Will di gunakan untuk Keinginan atau keniatan, Be going to di gunakan untuk Rencana, sedangkan prediksi dapat menggunakan keduannya baik be going to maupun will. baca Selengkapnya.........

We use Simple Future Tense to show future action. We can use ‘be going to’ or ‘will’ to show future activities

To make an appointment in the future
Ex : they will be meet you by ten o’clock tomorrow
ask someone to do something
Ex : will you help me tonight ?
To show an even will happen in future if there is requirement
To show an action or even in the future
Ex : I will come here if it isn’t t rain
To show opinion about particular time in the future
Ex : Perhaps they will pass their examination

Adverb Of time:
This morning
Next….(week, year, month..etc)

Be going to is used to express a future intention which is thought about before the moment of speaking or in immediate future
Example :
Are you going to check the car tomorrow?
are you going to swim this afternoon?
what are you going to continue my study in England
we aren’t going to get married next spring

will can also be used to express future intention or decision made at the moment of speaking
(+) S + will + V1 + …
(-) S + will not /won’t + V1 + …
(Y/N-Q) Will + S + V1 +…?
(WH-Q) Wh-Q + will + S + V1 + …?
Example :
I will get a job
I will miss you
I will write to you

Use will and be going to express prediction. Both will and be going to can express the idea of a general prediction about the future

The be going to form for expressing prediction
Look at the clouds! It’s going to rain
How red his face is! I think he is going to be angry at us for the mistake

Will form for expressing prediction
It will probably be cold
It will take a long time to copy all the document

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